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We have numerous resources available to help you understand our guiding principles as well as to give you a better understanding of what this great game of flag football is all about. We have divided this section into two.

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This section will help you understand the values and principles that we govern this organization by.

1.       Frequently Asked Questions – So fill me in! Tell me what I should know about this league.

2.       Falsifying Information Policy

3.       Personal Information Policy

4.       Refund/Transfer Policy

5.       Photography Policy

6.       NFL Player Waiver

7.       Jersey Sizing Chart

8.       National Flag Football Liability Release Waiver

9.   Parent Code Of Conduct

10.    Weather Policy

We hope so! There is no greater bond that you will form with your child then through coaching them in youth sports. We will walk you through everything that you will need to be a successful coach in this program. No experience is necessary. Just great moms & dads that are willing to learn, and pass on their understanding of the game to a bunch of eager little boys and girls who are looking to a have great time playing the game of flag football.

1.       Background Check Procedure – Every coach must pass a background check. Click here to see what’s involved in this process.

2.       Coaches Code of Conduct – Just to make sure our philosophies are in line with each other, here are our policies in regards to coaching etiquette in this league.

3.       Abuse/Molestation Policy – Volunteering to coach is a serious responsibility. It is our job to help you understand all aspects of this position so that you are always observant and aware of possible dangers.

4.    National Flag Football Concussion Training (Click Here)– To coach in our program, every coach must understand the dangers and warning signs of concussions. Therefore, it is required to that you take and pass the National Flag Football Concussion Training whioch is based on the CDC Heads Up Concussion test. It's a 30 minute video with a quiz at the end of each chapter. To take this test, you must be registered to coach in our program.  Please click on teh hyperlink,  enter the season in which you are participating and enter your email.  Once the test is completed, your profile will automatically update and you will be one step closser to being a National Flag Football Volunteer Coach. 

5.       Coaching Tips and Principles – Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of our responsibilities as a coach. Here are some basic understandings of what we are looking for from a quality coach in this program.

This section is designed to assist coaches with their understanding of the game of flag football.

1.       Drill Book – Here you will find numerous drills that you can use during your practices. Try incorporating a few of these into each practice that you hold.

2.       Sample Playbook – There are numerous plays that you could come up with. Really, its limited by your imagination. However, when developing your own playbook, please keep in mind your player’s skill sets as a playbook should be customized individually or tweaked for each team that you coach.

A.        Lombardi Playbook (1st Grade and Younger)

B.        Shula Playbook (2nd and 3rd Grade)

C.        Madden Playbook (4th Grade and Older)

3.   USA Football Playbook STS - Plays incorporating most formations including Spread, Trips, and Stacked formations.

4.       USA Football Playbook SS - Plays incorporating most formations including Strong and Split formations.

5.       Practice Video – This is a great tool to understand how to teach various fundamentals through a practice setting.

6.       Rulebook 3.85 – This is the official rulebook of the National Flag Football League.

7.   National Flag Football Video Library - Teaching drills, ideas, concepts, strategies, plays, and a whole lot more!

Below we have included some thought-provoking topics that we wanted to share with you. 

1. How adults take the joy out of youth sports (CHANGING THE GAME PROJECT) by John O'Sullivan

2. What are Eli Manning 's thoughts about flag football? 

3.  How does spring flag football help fall tackle players?

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